About Me

Bishop Butler is a young individual who is truly just starting a life on his own. He is currently focused on both his education and work, hoping that with hard work, he can graduate college and get a position in a field that appeals to him. He then hopes to make his mark on the world with that position. Like many young people, he may not fully have his life mapped out, but with the drive he has, he knows he can accomplish big things. Here is a bit more information about who Bishop Butler is and where he hopes to go.

Prior Education

Bishop Butler attended Benton High School, located in Benton, Arkansas. He graduated in the spring of 2020 as a straight A student. While graduating high school may not seem like a huge accomplishment, there are a few things that set Mr. Butler apart. First off, he graduated high school just as the Coronavirus pandemic was hitting and shutting things down. There was a lot of uncertainty at the time, but he finished up his schoolwork and graded. Additionally, he was a National Merit Scholar Finalist. This is a huge accomplishment and something less than one percent of all high schoolers in the nation accomplish. To be recognized for this award, you need to not only have good grades, but high PSAT/NMSQT test scores, as well as accomplishments that help you stand out.

Current Education

Bishop Butler is currently a sophomore at the University of Arkansas. While he may not have much college under his belt, he has managed to maintain a 3.5 GPA. He is currently a computer science major, and hopes that one day he can use that major to have a career in the video game industry or to create computer software that can better the world. With over two and a half years of college left, Mr. Butler still has time to narrow down the exact type of position he would like to take upon completing college though.

Current Employment

Bishop Butler is proud to not only attend college full-time, but to actively work while he is attending school as well. He started out working for the restaurant chain Olive Garden as a busser in 2020. In just eight short months, he was able to get a promotion and is currently a server. He has held down that position for just over 11 months. While his employment may not necessarily be in the industry he hopes to work in when he graduates from college, it has allowed him to meet interesting people and develop an ability to cater to and serve customers. This will serve him well in the future.

Charity Work

Charity work is extremely important to Bishop Butler. Unfortunately though, due to the Coronavirus, plus going to school full-time and working, he has not been able to dedicate much time to volunteering as of late. But he hopes that when his schedule calms down a little, he will have the ability to give back to his community again. In the past, Mr. Butler has spent a lot of time volunteering. At his local church back home, he volunteered as a camera operator. His task was to record church services. He also spent time visiting nursing homes and playing the piano for the residents. He helped with both of these volunteer opportunities for about a decade before moving off to college.

Where Bishop Butler Plans to Go With His Life

Bishop Butler is like many young people and does not know exactly where life will lead him once he graduates from college. However, he does have things that he is interested in, including video games, chess and sports. As of now, he is dedicated to completing his computer science degree and seeing where that will take him. Currently, he has applied for an internship with NASA for the summer, and he is currently waiting to hear back as to whether he will be offered an internship position. If he does get a position, he hopes that that opportunity may open doors for him for his future.

Many people think that their late teens and early twenties are some of the easiest years of their life. However, people in this age group these days are facing a lot of adversity and challenges. Coronavirus, rising education costs, and technological changes are changing the entire way the country operates, and for those who are younger, it is forcing them to adapt to these changes quickly. Bishop Butler. may be young, but he is driven. He hopes that with a lot of hard work, he will be able to graduate with a degree in computer science from the University of Arkansas. Once he has his degree in hand, he hopes to use that degree to do something that he is passionate about, while also helping to make a difference in the world that we all live in.


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